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The Lonely Planet Reunion island guidebook is out!

I am excited to announce the release of the Lonely Planet guidebook on Reunion Island, to which I have contributed. This publication is part of a multi-country guide encompassing Mauritius and the Seychelles, as well as my home island, La Réunion.

What will you find in this Lonely Planet Reunion Island guidebook?

In the section covering Reunion Island, I share my favorite recommendations across approximately 80 pages, guiding you through the island’s breathtaking natural wonders and multicultural encounters. This guidebook is designed to help you discover the best-kept secrets of Reunion:

  • Saint-Denis, the capital city in the North, is known for its museums and restaurants, extending towards Sainte-Suzanne, which features waterfalls such as Niagara and vanilla plantations.
  • The western coast offers perpetually beautiful weather, white sand beaches between l’Ermitage and Boucan Canot, and the lovely black sand beach at L’Etang-Salé.
  • The untamed South includes Saint-Pierre, the fisherman’s village of Terre Sainte, and the Wild South (Sud Sauvage), featuring Saint-Joseph.
  • The East of the island is known for a wide array of water activities.
  • Let’s not forget the cirques – Salazie with the charming village of Hell-Bourg, Mafate where no car can enter, and the breathtaking Cilaos – as well as the high plains (Plaine des Cafres and Plaine des Palmistes).
  • Last but not least, the active volcano, Piton de La Fournaise, is the vibrant heart of the island.

Additionally, in the “Storybook” section, a new addition to the Lonely Planet classic guidebooks, you will find two essays I have written. The first, entitled “Meet the Reunionese,” introduces my people through the perspective of vegetation, exploring the importance of plants and fruits to the Reunionnais. In the second essay, I delve into the Reunion’s spiritual heritage and characteristic syncretism, a mix of religions and cultures that makes me immensely proud of my birthplace.

Why I am proud to present this Reunion Island guidebook to you

Working on this guidebook has been an incredible experience. It offered me the opportunity to rediscover my home island, delve into its stories, and explore cultural questions that had always intrigued me but that I hadn’t previously had the time to investigate. Furthermore, it was a wonderful chance to reconnect with family and friends, and gain deeper insights into various facets of the island.

I would like to take a moment to thank my long-time Lonely Planet editor, AnneMarie McCarthy, and to extend my congratulations to my colleague and talented writer, Rooksana Hossenally. Rooksana authored the Mauritius section of the guidebook.

I would also like to thank my family and friends who shared stories, supported me, gave me their time, and drove me around the island.

The Lonely Planet guidebook for Mauritius, Réunion & Seychelles (11th edition) is available now in English on the Lonely Planet online shop.

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