Hi, I’m Fabienne.

I’m a digital strategist and a travel writer.

I’m originally from Reunion island. After 5 years of working and living as a digital nomad between Asia and Europe (my footsteps lead me to Vietnam, Japan, and Mongolia), I have settled back in Paris, France, for a little while. There, I strategize content and write for the Lonely Planet guidebooks. I don’t know where my next adventure will take me yet.

Besides traveling and exploring, what really makes me happy is food – the best times in my day are meals – my dog Kitsu, and a beautiful home. I believe our immediate environment is the expansion of ourselves and fuels our creativity.

I spend most of my time falling in love with places and people – just so that I can write and tell amazing stories of encounters, and live this life to its fullest.

On this blog, you will find tales of my adventures, my work, and inspiring stories inherited from others. I hope they can help you craft your own stories, mindfully, with hope and love, always.

For any work inquiries, or questions, or if you just want to say hello, feel free to ping me here or find me on Linkedin or on Instagram.

Photo: Tony Trichanh