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This travel destination section is my journal, with travel tales and pictures of the places I have particularly loved along the way. I was born on breathtaking Reunion Island, have lived in Europe (in France, Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands), and have been based in Asia (Vietnam) for two years, so you will mainly find references about these continents here. Let me take you on a journey!

Travel to France

Passage des Panoramas

Explore Paris Through Its Covered Passages: A Journey Back in Time

Did you know Paris is home to several kilometers of…

BybyFabienneMay 21, 20248 min
Café Montorgueil - shop sign

Rue Montorgueil Food Tour: 10 Things to Taste in Paris

Welcome to Rue Montorgueil! This central and historic food street…

BybyFabienneMay 2, 20247 min
Paris Lonely Planet guidebook 2024

Explore Paris Like Never Before: The New Lonely Planet Guidebook is Here!

I am thrilled and proud to announce the release of…

BybyFabienneApr 23, 20243 min

Travel to Japan

Hanami sakura in Kyoto

🌸 Hanami Guide: How to Contemplate Sakura 🌸

Hanami, literally “looking at flowers,” is an institution in Japan.…

BybyFabienneMar 18, 20246 min
Kamakura’s Zeniarai Benten: a grotto-sanctuary

Kamakura’s Zeniarai Benten: a grotto-sanctuary

Zeniarai Benten sanctuary is one of my favorites in Kamakura,…

BybyFabienneJul 28, 20234 min
Oku-no-in Koyasan

Oku-no-in: Koyasan’s Ghostly Cemetery

Among the most impressive places with a mystical aura that…

BybyFabienneJul 28, 20237 min

Travel to the Netherlands

Before the Tulips: Early Spring at Keukenhof

Before the Tulips: Early Spring at Keukenhof

The Netherlands is famous for its tulips, and everybody knows…

BybyFabienneJul 28, 20234 min

Travel to Scotland

Teatime at Prestonfield House Edinburgh

4 o’clock in Edinburgh: Teatime at Prestonfield House

I never thought of myself as a princess (a princess-warrior…

BybyFabienneFeb 21, 20234 min

Travel to South Korea

Sunset at Udo island

Udo Island: Paradise Between Heaven and Sea

Udo, located in Jeju-do province, is one of the most…

BybyFabienneApr 27, 20234 min

Travel to Turkey

Cisterna Basilica Istanbul

Istanbul’s Sunken Palace: a Visit to the Cisterna Basilica

In early October, I found myself exploring the streets and…

BybyFabienneOct 22, 20235 min

Travel to Vietnam

A Love Letter to Hanoi

A Love Letter to Hanoi

Sometimes,When I’m still awake,Hanoi oi, how I miss you. Back…

BybyFabienneOct 29, 20213 min
Terraced rice paddy fields of Pu Luong in Northern Vietnam

The Terraced Rice Fields of Pu Luong: Stairway to Heaven

The terraced rice fields of Pu Luong in Northern Vietnam…

BybyFabienneAug 28, 20216 min
Mu Cang Chai Rice Fields: Go Dig for Gold

Mu Cang Chai Rice Fields: Go Dig for Gold

Mu Cang Chai in Northern Vietnam had been in the…

BybyFabienneAug 20, 20218 min