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Explore Paris Like Never Before: The New Lonely Planet Guidebook is Here!

I am thrilled and proud to announce the release of the new Lonely Planet Paris guidebook, to which I contributed! This latest edition, the 14th, is packed with up-to-date insights and expert recommendations that will guide you through the enchanting streets of Paris. It also features Lonely Planet’s new editorial approach, emphasizing experiences and filled with beautiful photography.

What will you find in this Lonely Planet Paris guidebook?

It contains hundreds of pages of carefully curated experiences. I have authored the following sections, covering my designated areas, which I had previously explored in Experience Paris 1st edition:

  • Louvre & Les Halles: The most central part of Paris and one of the densest areas for travelers to discover a true Parisian experience, featuring the world’s largest museum, the Louvre, historical food areas such as Rue Montorgueil, Palais Royal, and many other breathtaking sites.
  • Le Marais: One of my favorite areas, rich with history, art museums, a diversity of cultures, exciting food places, and shops. I have endeavored to bring it all to you.
  • Belleville & Ménilmontant: It was a delight to write about these quintessentially Parisian areas, not as commonly visited by tourists. I loved exploring Belleville’s Chinatown, discovering street art culture in these arrondissements, and wandering through Père Lachaise Cemetery once more.
  • Bastille & the East of Paris: One of the best areas for foodies, offering a deep dive into local life. I extended my recommendations up to Vincennes and its castle, hoping to encourage people to explore beyond Paris’s limits.

Furthermore, I wrote an essay about one of the most neglected yet important aspects for travelers: the Paris Metro! I hope you enjoy reading this essay as much as I enjoyed writing it. It was truly great fun.

Why am I excited to share that this Paris guidebook is now available?

This is my second Lonely Planet guidebook about Paris and the third one including the Reunion Island guidebook. It has always been my dream to write for Lonely Planet, ever since I started blogging. It’s been a long journey from the article that caught the attention of my long-time editor AnneMarie McCarthy to this guidebook, with many articles in between. I cannot express how happy I am to see this book being published—just in time for the Paris 2024 Olympics!

I would like to thank my family and friends, as usual, who helped and supported me in writing and in gaining insights about these Paris areas, finding original experiences, and challenging my writings.

This Paris guidebook (14th edition) is now available at the Lonely Planet shop.

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