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Lonely Planet’s Experience Paris is out!

I’m proud to announce that the Lonely Planet Experience Paris (1st ed.) guidebook I contributed to last year is finally out! It means a lot to me, not only because it’s my first published guidebook, but also because it’s close to the realisation of a childhood dream.

I signed three chapters: The Louvre & Les Halles, Le Marais, Ménilmontant & Belleville and Bastille & Eastern Paris. It’s been a lot of work for two very intense months and I can’t thank my parents enough for being here in Paris, coincidentally, to support me.

In this Paris guidebook of a new genre, you will find travel tips from an insider’s point of view and even essays about each quarter, to give you a glimpse of the atmosphere. We haven’t only listed addresses, we’ve crafted experiences to help travelers approach Paris in a more lively way.

Who would have thought, after five years of digital-nomading around the world, that Paris, the city I was almost running from, would give me the opportunity to achieve the dream of becoming a published travel writer?

I’m grateful to all the people who’s believed in me until now and thankful to the Lonely Planet editing team for trusting me to write in English despite me not being a native speaker, and even more so in the first edition of this new collection of travel books.

The French version of the book is also now available.

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